21 Mar, 2022

5 Things to Know After Moving to Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven is a beloved little town on the shores of West Michigan. Known for its pier and its quaint, beach town feel, it’s a little slice of...

Grand Haven is a beloved little town on the shores of West Michigan. Known for its pier and its quaint, beach town feel, it’s a little slice of heaven that’s home to just under 11,000 residents. Of course, you already know this, or you wouldn’t have decided to settle down in the lovely, tight-knit community of Grand Haven, MI. But what makes it so great? Here are just five of the many factors that make West Michigan lakeshore living so wonderful.

#1 The Outdoor Life

Grand Haven is renowned for its beaches, and for good reason. There’s coastline as far as the eye can see, and it’s perfect for a day of swimming, tanning, walking, or anything else you love to do by the water. Not to mention the 2 ½ mile pier lined with shops and restaurants that stretches all the way out to Lake Michigan, complete with an iconic lighthouse.

Though the beaches get most of the attention, after moving to Grand Haven, MI, you should know your new hometown boasts an array of parks and biking trails as well. The range of options for both is extensive, with hiking trails across dunes, beaches, and forests, and over 100 biking trails to choose from, including trails right on the water.

#2 It’s a Great Town for Families

If you dream of starting a family, Grand Haven is the home you’re looking for. As mentioned above, with a population of just under 11,000, there’s a small town, close-knit feel, ideal for raising a family. 

According to Niche, Grand Haven is in the top five towns to live in Ottawa County, and they handed out an “A” grade to GH for public schooling, housing, and overall “good for families” score. After moving to Grand Haven, you’ll notice we move at a little slower pace, and its easy-going feel makes it a place to be desired when planting your roots and starting a family.

#3 Downtown Grand Haven is the Place to Be

Grand Haven’s downtown is second to none in West Michigan, and what’s more, it stays moving year-round. While many other beach towns in the area shut down for the colder months, after moving to Grand Haven, you’ll notice this town keeps on chugging. The historic downtown boasts locally owned shops and restaurants, and they never go out of season. (Looking for recommendations? Check out our blog on The Best Nightlife and Bars in Grand Haven, MI)

#4 Yearly Festivals On the Lakeshore Mean There’s Always Something Happening

Though Grand Haven is quite laid back, yearly festivals manage to spice up every season. There’s Winterfest in January, the Annual Kite Festival in the spring, the Coast Guard Festival in the summer, and the Salmon Festival in the fall, and that’s just the start! All the way up and down the lakeshore, there’s always something going on — just check out this list of last summer’s activities! Which leads us to the next point:

#5 Grand Haven’s Proximity to Grand Rapids and Beyond!

Moving to Grand Haven puts you in a spot that’s in close proximity to a number of desirable destinations. You’re close to beaches, trails, parks, schools, a short walk from downtown, and under an hour away from all the attractions that Grand Rapids has to offer.

West Michigan lakeshore communities enjoy views right out their window and plenty of things to do in and around town all year. If you’re considering moving to the West Michigan lakeshore, give BlueWest Properties a call. We have homes available near the Grand Haven dunes that are close to town and just minutes from the beach! To learn more about our listings, reach out to our team today.

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