6 Nov, 2020

Charter Fishing Opportunities in Grand Haven MI

Between Lake Michigan, Spring Lake, and the various rivers, creeks, and bayous surrounding the Grand Haven there are countless opportunities to get...

Between Lake Michigan, Spring Lake, and the various rivers, creeks, and bayous surrounding the Grand Haven there are countless opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors and fish our region’s beautiful waterways. Many types of fish are native to our waters and prevalent in our area, including bass, bluegill, walleye, perch, steelhead and lake trout, and two varieties of salmon — coho and chinook. If you’re looking for the best way to experience local fishing, consider hiring one of Grand Haven’s fishing charters.

What’s a Grand Haven Fishing Charter?

A Grand Haven fishing charter is a guided fishing excursion led by an experienced local fisherman. The trips are tailored to your experience level and preferred fishing techniques. Your guide knows the best areas to fish around Grand Haven and can help coordinate a fun day out on the water with friends, family, or colleagues. They’ll drive the boat, bait the hooks, and can teach you expert techniques for reeling in a great day’s catch. Your Grand Haven fishing charter will provide the equipment and expertise so you can just enjoy the sport.

Whether you’re looking for pointers to improve your technique, or just want a simple, stress-free day out on the water, your guide can be as involved as you want. You can swap stories and learn about the captain’s greatest catch, or enjoy a quiet day in nature.

Grand Haven Fishing Charters: What to Know

Hiring a charter is great for individuals looking to improve their fishing skills, but also a fun activity for families, groups, and corporate events. When choosing between the many Grand Haven fishing charters, here are a few things to consider.

Find a charter fishing company that meets the goals of your fishing trip. Some Grand Haven fishing charters specialize in certain techniques, or only fish for a select few species. When deciding on the right fishing charter, discuss with them your fishing preferences, such as:

  • What type of fish you want to catch
  • What area to fish in, and at what depth
  • What techniques to use
  • What baits are working 

If you don’t have preferences, or want to get a good experience fishing in Grand Haven, see what their company specializes in for the above categories, so you’ll know what to expect when you set off on your excursion.

You should also discuss their specific policies for the trip, so you can better plan your day on the water, or provide guidelines for your group if you’re hosting an event. These could include the fishing charter’s policies for bringing food, alcohol, tobacco, or other items on the boat, or any other of the captain’s rules that keep everyone safe and having fun.

When booking your charter fishing trip, be sure to confirm details like departure time, parking instructions, deposit information, and any other necessary details for your day.

What’s Included in a Grand Haven Fishing Charter?

Guided fishing trips and Grand Haven fishing charters typically range from 200-300 for the day and include all the advice and expertise of knowledgeable guides, a fun and educational experience for your group, and plenty of time to swap stories while reeling in the evening meal.

Some Grand Haven fishing charters may offer to help clean the fish you catch. Also, there is a program in Grand Haven called Catch and Cook, where you can bring your freshly caught fish to a participating local restaurant to have it prepared for your party.

West Michigan has some of the best fishing opportunities in the Great Lakes region. If you’re ready to devote more time to fishing expeditions, consider a property in the Grand Haven community. With the convenience of the marinas located at a midpoint on the West Michigan lakeshore, you’ll have easy access to the best fishing in Lake Michigan from your home. To learn about our available homes in Grand Haven, reach out to BlueWest Properties.

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