10 Dec, 2020

Secret Ice Skating Trails and Other Things to Do in Muskegon State Park

Have you heard of the ice skating trail hidden in the woods somewhere in West Michigan? The State Park is where this special trail is located and you...

Have you heard of the ice skating trail hidden in the woods somewhere in West Michigan? The State Park is where this special trail is located and you can go there! Here’s what you need to know about skating in the woods and other fun things to do in Muskegon State Park this winter.

The Secret Ice Skating Trail in West Michigan

Less than 20 minutes from downtown Muskegon, there’s a hidden ice skating trail. This  ¼ mile long, five-foot-wide skating path of smooth ice winds through the forest near the shore of Lake Michigan. You can lace up and skate between snow-covered trees with your partner, friend, or family members. The trail is even lit for night skating, and is open every day until 9:45 pm.

The ice skating trail is just one of the activities at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, located within Muskegon State Park, and it isn’t such a well-kept secret anymore. The complex is known by locals and is an increasing draw for visitors all over West Michigan looking for fun winter things to do in Muskegon with their family. 

Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex is run by the Muskegon Sports Council, a non-profit that partners with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Muskegon Luge Club, and the West Michigan Speed Skating Club to bring you family-friendly activities for all skill levels. It’s located inside Muskegon State Park and is open to the public every day, year-round.

Winter Activities to Do at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Besides the famous ice skating trail, the Winter Sports Complex offers many winter activities, including a huge ice luge track — the only luge track in Michigan and one of only 4 in the country.

If you’re interested in trying out the Ice luge for yourself, you can take a two-hour course to learn the basics for less than 50 dollars. The course is taught by Olympian luge athlete, Frank Masley. The luge track has two paths, 1 for beginners and another for experienced luge sliders.

The Winter Sports Complex also features a full-size ice skating rink, a hockey rink, sledding hills, and trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. You don’t need worry about purchasing or borrowing your own equipment, because the complex offers equipment rental for everything you’ll need, including ice skates, hockey skates, sticks, and pucks, cross country skis, snowshoes, sleds, and more!

Visit the Winter Sports Complex to skate, ski, or explore the beautiful Muskegon State Park while it’s dressed in its snowy attire. The dramatic, icy shoreline of Lake Michigan without the summer crowds is a special sight.

Other Things to Do in Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Don’t forget to check back at the complex other times of the year! The luge track is still in operation during the warm months of the year. Instead of propelling you down the slope with a sled on ice, you can slide down the track using wheels! It’s great for practicing your luge skills so you’ll be ready to race down the ice track next winter season. 

The complex also has unique activities to do during warmer weather including a Trail Quest you can do with a team as well as a full archery range with instruction and practice time.

As for future activities to look forward to? The complex is currently working on 1,400-foot dual zip line tracks. The zip lines will be set up parallel to one another so you can race a friend to the bottom. The lines will start at the top of a tall dune and sail over the luge track, offering a great view of the park.

The Winter Sports Complex is full of great family activities you’ll need to add to your list of things to do in Muskegon. If you’re ready to explore more hidden gems on the West Michigan lakeshore, give BlueWest Properties a call! As West Michigan insiders, we have the scoop on all the best places and properties to check out on the lakeshore. Our team can find you the perfect home base to start all of your adventures. Reach out to us online to learn more.

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